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  • About Us

    At Andrea's we've understood that to really enjoy life, one must live it passionately. "There's a rare satisfaction to be attained through pure hedonism that enriches life and makes it worth living." - Andrea

    Concept - travel, adventure, eat & share

    Our founder, Andrea, understood early in life that he wanted to travel the world, enjoy life through spontaneous adventures and eat like a god. That has pretty much been the plan ever since. Very simply put, that’s what Andrea's is all about. Andrea and his team, travel to different parts of the globe, have tons of fun, indulge generously in their cuisines, pick what works, spend hours in the test kitchen perfecting recipes, and when a recipe makes the cut, share it with customers on the menu. Our goal is to share our wonderful adventures with our customers through food.

    Andrea's philosophy - quality, honesty & respect

    We at Andrea's are passionate, or more accurately, obsessed about delicious food. We've understood that the key to creating amazingly delicious food is to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, to cook with an honest heart, and have genuine respect for our customers. This has been our philosophy from the get-go, and this uncompromising attitude towards quality has been the key to our success.
    We thank our patrons from the bottom of our hearts for recognising our commitment to quality and sharing our culinary journey with us!

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